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Collegium 419 is a vocal ensemble specializing in music of the 16th to 18th century.
It performs in different casts, depending on type of project, from vocal ensemble (5 singers) to a chamber choir (16 - 24 singers).
The ensemble features lesser known works of the Renaissance and Baroque polyphony with particular consideration for coherent dramaturgy.
Collegium 419 cooperates with leading instrumentalists, who follow historical performance praxis of early music.
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The ensemble can offer a set of previously staged coherent concert projects.
Upon organiserís request, Collegium 419 is also able to produce new projects at short notice.
Programmes can be put together from vocal works a cappella, from compositions accompanied by basso continuo and from larger vocal compositions with instrumental accompaniment.
Collegium 419 performs, depending on type of project, either with its own soloists or with external singers and musicians.
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Forthcoming concerts:

9 September 2018 / Nelahozeves

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